Software Development

With us by your side, you will receive tailored software solutions as well as professional software maintenance. We believe that direct and open communication is the key to successful projects. You can rely on us not only to think along with you but also to actively shape the development and maintenance of your software.

Individual software development

Custom software offers your company a variety of advantages. It allows for precise customization to your specific business requirements, enhances the efficiency of your processes, improves customer satisfaction, and promotes long-term competitiveness. With the flexibility to integrate new features, custom software provides a cost-effective and future-proof solution for your company.

Our individual software development is the key to innovative solutions for your company. We aim to turn your visions into reality.

The project process

We get to know each other and start by understanding your requirements and clarifying your goals. In the process, we analyse the feasibility, scope and technical challenges of your project. Finally, you will receive a free and non-binding offer.

Once the requirements are clarified, we start planning the architecture of your software solution. We create wireframes, mockups, detailed specifications and any prototypes to ensure every detail is considered. Then we start the actual development, using the latest technologies and best practices to create powerful and scalable software.

We value communication and collaboration throughout the development process. We keep you regularly informed and take your feedback into account to ensure that the end result is exactly what you want.

We take the quality of our work very seriously. After the development phase is completed, automated and manual tests are carried out. Through several iterations, final errors are identified and the application is prepared for deployment.
With the approval, the software is finally put into production. We ensure that it functions properly and is ready for use.

After the commissioning of your application, we continue to be at your side. We agree on an individual scope for further development and support. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships and ensure that your software is successful for years to come.
Technologies & tools used by us
  • Backend & Desktop Development
    .NET / C#.NET WPFWindows Forms .NET
  • Frontend
  • Databases
    Microsoft SQL ServerMySQL / MariaDBMongoDB
Enhancement and modernisation

The ongoing maintenance, enhancement and modernisation of your software is crucial to remain competitive and to meet increasing or changing requirements. We continue the development of your software solutions, based on your requirements and wishes, in order to sustainably extend their lifespan.

  • Enhancement & Maintenance
    We fix bugs and implement the features and improvements you want so that you can continue to use your software efficiently. You can trust that we will always be thinking and anticipating to ensure that your software is continuously stable and secure.
  • Modernisation & Redesign
    We help you to modernise or completely redesign outdated or inefficient software solutions to improve performance, scalability and security and meet current technology standards.
Developer as a Service

We offer flexible project support on an hourly basis if you need external support at short notice or your development department needs assistance during peak load times. We complete the tasks according to your needs. No matter whether it is a new function, bug fix or optimisation.

With us, you can rely on fair and transparent hourly billing. You only pay for the hours actually worked, without hidden fees or unpleasant surprises.

IT consulting and support

We consult and support you with your individual problems and questions. We are pleased to help quickly and uncomplicatedly in case of emergencies!